What Factors Effect The Induction Furnace Lining Life And How To Improve Lifespan Of Induction Coil

What Factors Effect The Induction Furnace Lining Life

As the popularity of metal melting increases, every metal business needs a time and cost-effective solution. Induction melting has become the front-line method for melting conductive objects even non conductive object. 

Induction furnaces use considerably low energy and provide greater output with efficiency and fewer impurities. They consist of multiple elements that play a vital role in induction melting. To maintain quality supply, it is crucial to be mindful of factors that affect the induction furnace’s lining life.

Factors Affecting Induction Furnace Service Life

The induction furnace consists of an eddy current effect from an electrical system and a water-cooling device. These components ensure maximum efficiency and output. However, furnaces are a big investment, and to get the maximum ROI, it is important to keep the furnace lining in optimum condition.

What Is Furnace Lining?

Furnace lining is a crucial part of the induction furnace, and the life of the lining has a significant impact on the induction furnace’s life. Thus, it is necessary to maintain and improve the service life of the lining. The following factors play a crucial role in the longevity of the furnace life:

  • Sintering Process

The Sintering  process  directly affects the service life of medium/intermediate frequency furnaces. You must pay close attention to it done properly as per manufacturer guidelines.

  • Furnace Wall Thickness And Capacity

Medium/intermediate frequency furnace wall thickness directly relates to its service life. The furnace wall has high pressure, due to which we get a high frequency of problems there. As we increase the furnace’s capacity, the furnace wall’s static pressure with the molten metal also increases. There is a good chance that molten metal will penetrate the micro pores and micro-cracks because of high pressure. To overcome this problem, choose a large-capacity induction furnace and get adequate wall thickness to prolong its lifespan. 

  • Melting Temperature

Slag erosion on the furnace lining can increase if the molten metal temperature is too high. In addition, the molten metal will penetrate the crack because of fluidity. Since every metal has its melting point, it is crucial to control the temperature and not let the furnace temperature increase beyond a certain limit. Avoid prolonged heat preservation and high temperature, which will damage the furnace wall and increase energy consumption. 

How Can We Increase The Service Life Of Induction Furnace Coil?

Induction melting applications often deal with medium-frequency power, smoke, heart, contaminations, and other harsh environments. We have to ensure that the induction coil and other components are well maintained to withstand harsh environments to maximize their longevity and productivity. 

  • Carefully Select The Refractory Material 

The refectory material should be suitable to pour and melt under specific temperatures. The manufacturers create a customized amount of binders and agents that align with the desired pouring temperature. The excess binder can cause the lining to mold and damage the coil. We must control the binder quantity, material type, and temperature to improve the coil’s life span.

  • Install The Coil According To The Manufacturer’s Instruction 

Follow the installation procedure and manufacturer’s guidelines carefully. If you do not follow the coil installation instruction properly, it can result in low silica density leading to excessive erosion and shortening of lining and coil life. Moreover, you must achieve an adequate thickness of the melt-out form so that the form does not de-from during vibration. 

  • Check Ground Leak Detection 

It is crucial to inspect and conduct the furnace test detection daily. Furnaces that do not have a ground leak detection system are at risk of metal penetration into the induction coil. It can result in coil arcing, water leakage, and other perilous consequences.

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