Induction Smelting Furnaces
for Precious Metals

Induction Smelting Furnaces for the Mining Industry

When working with valuable precious metals, you can’t afford any waste in terms of metal or engergy. Electroheat Induction smelting furnaces are designed to optimize metal recovery while saving energy. We provide custom smelting furnaces for silver and gold precipitate (product of Merrill-Crowe Process or Electrowinning Process), including end-to-end solutions for your melting operations.

Gold and Silver Smelting Furnace Features

Our smelting furnaces feature HMI screen, a diagnostic tool that displays electrical parameters in real time. Store up to 10 years’ worth of data, including energy use by the day or down to the minute. Troubleshoot remotely via web monitoring.


Step-1 Smelting Silver precipitate in the Induction furnace

Induction Smelting Furnaces for Precious Metals

Step- 2 Pouring Silver into mould


Step-3 Silver ingot recovered from its precipitate

Induction Smelting Benefits

Induction furnaces are an ideal solution for metal smelting, producing the purest form of metals. Much cleaner and more energy-efficient than conventional furnaces, they are a better choice in mining industry equipment for many reasons:

Better Performance, Higher Output

The high-frequency magnetic fields within induction furnaces produce very high heat instantly compare to conventional furnace. The hot metals are stirred and the alloys mix completely while melting. This yields higher production rates and better quality. Melting time much lower compare to conventional furnace.

Better Quality of Ingots

Induction furnaces reduce oxidation levels and minimize the risk of formation during melting, yielding better-quality ingots.

Faster Production

Smelting process in Induction furnace will be faster compare toconventional furnace. Meaning your facility can smelt precipitate in less time compare to conventional furnace.

No Harmful Pollutants

Induction heating is a non-contact form of heating, so the furnace does not burn fuel and hence emits no harmful pollutants, smoke, or dust.

You need a quality, energy-saving gold and silver smelting furnace for your mining facility. Get in touch with us now for a free assessment.