Induction Melting Furnace for Precious Metals – the perfect Choice for Mining Industries

Induction Melting Furnace for Precious Metals - the perfect Choice for Mining Industries

For jewelers and goldsmiths, there are few things more important than their tools of the trade. Tools that make the creation of their pieces possible, and allow them to do their work quickly and efficiently, are crucial to running a successful business.

Suppose you run a precious metals jewelry business. In that case, you might be looking for the perfect metal melting furnace to ensure that your precious metals are melted and refined to your specifications. 

If so, there’s no better option than an induction melting furnace from Electroheat Induction Products. These high-quality furnaces have been designed specifically for jewelry manufacturing, ensuring that precious metals can be melted and refined quickly and safely with the minimum energy input required.

What Is an Induction Melting Furnace? 

An induction melting furnace utilizes electromagnetic waves or currents from electromagnets to heat metals or its precipitate until they melt into liquid form for casting.

No matter what kind of metals you are working with, an induction melting furnace is a wise investment. With proper monitoring and safeguards in place, it will not only save you time and energy but also money. 

An induction melting furnace uses an electromagnetic field to heat the charge material, transferring this energy to a container of liquid metal sitting on top of it. It can be used with any metal, including gold, silver, and its precipitate (concentrate)

Arrangement of Metal Melting Furnace

During melting, metal charge are impacted by electromagnetic fields to promote mixing. A tilting device is retrofitted into the furnace so the metal can be deposited into the dipper. 

For the melting unit, a hydraulic system controls the flow tilt. The inductor is located inside this unit, which has a copper coil. There are two types of crucibles used for melting metal in the melting unit: lined and graphitic.

In ferrous metal melting, rammed linings are used, and in non-ferrous metal melting, graphitic crucibles are used. During melting, two cooling circuits are used: an inner circuit in which distilled water is circulated is cooled by an outer circuit (process water). 

Induction Furnace for Gold Melting

The worldwide recession has caused hardship in the precious metal industry, and despite brief moments of recovery, the news is rarely positive for gold miners. As of June 2013, the global market price for gold dipped below $1200 per ounce. 

Lower prices make it difficult for the gold mining industry to be sustainable. According to BullionVault, they need prices of at least $1500 an ounce to stay reasonable.

And the best way to achieve this is to invest in an efficient, environmentally friendly, easy to operate, and time-efficient induction furnace with all these qualities. Melting gold by induction is also fast and consistent. It means that less time is expended to ensure everything is working properly.

Our high-tech Induction Furnace for Gold Melting allows you to melt up to 12 kg of gold per hour and offers unparalleled efficiency with 100% power input. Depending on the order size, you can choose four modes to optimize power usage.

Induction Furnace for Silver Melting

In response to the economic downturn, gold and silver miners are beginning to shut down unprofitable operations. Lately, precious metals prices have been plummeting. However, the cost of precious metals has not risen in tandem.

So to make ends meet, buying an induction melting furnace is critical, especially because they’re better and more efficient with new technology. 

Our Induction Furnace for Silver is more efficient and can also help reduce environmental pollution as it emits significantly less waste material. 

The increased efficiency means you will use less electricity, saving you money in the long run. In addition, induction furnaces are cheaper to maintain, making them an attractive option for many businesses. We offer highly competitive rates on all of our machinery and always deliver on time, and If you’re looking for something specific, we’ll be happy to customize the right product for your needs!

Why Choose Our Induction Melting Furnace For Precious Metals?

If you want to increase efficiency and productivity in your jewelry business, we recommend an induction-melt furnace. This electric heater can offer quick heating times and increased safety from open flames or electricity. 

In addition, converting liquid into a pasty form is easier to work with without using additional tools such as an extruder or hammer. With these features, electro heat has proven to be the most effective method of heating metal. 

  • Simple Installation

Investing in our induction melting furnace for your metal refinery will provide you with a high-tech, efficient, clean operation. The installation process is simple, and there are no smokestacks or exhausts on-site, making it a great option for operating in an urban area. 

  • Customizable Options and Features

The Sterling-Sergeant Induction Melting Furnace is versatile and reliable, giving you unprecedented results. Choose from any one of our ranges that offer maximum versatility for whatever stage of production you are in. So whether you’re just starting or have been in the industry for years, we have a unit that will work for you. 

  • Energy Efficiency

The best thing about our furnaces is that they have high-quality heaters, so you won’t have to worry about them wearing out like the traditional, non-inductive type. They can be set up for almost any size job and will help you save money on electricity bills because of their lower power usage. Induction furnaces use around 50% less electricity than their traditional counterparts.

We Are Ready When You Are! 

At Electroheat Induction, we offer induction furnaces with a wide range of power capacities to meet virtually any commercial or industrial need. In addition, regardless of size, our induction furnaces have an energy-efficient design that lowers operating costs and utility bills. 

For decades, we’ve been setting industry standards and providing premier services that help customers in need of induction heating equipment succeed. So whether you need one unit or hundreds, Electroheat Induction will custom-build the best induction melting furnace for your needs. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.

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