Induction Furnace for
Copper Melting


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Induction Furnace for Copper Melting – Perfect Solution for Foundry Industry

Induction furnace is most convenient furnace to melting copper. Some of the many benefits of induction furnaces for melting copper are:

Energy and Cost Saving

Optimize production rate, lower cost, and minimize your impact on the environment with an induction furnace.


Flexible and Efficient

Induction furnaces are more flexible in alloying. Induction furnaces typically use less energy when compared to traditional furnaces, with a longer refractory lifetime. The melting rate is fast, and the furnace can melt a high volume of metal quickly.

Reliable, Easy to Maintain

An induction furnace for melting copper is a much more reliable method than a traditional furnace. Induction furnaces don’t require regular maintenance except refractory lining without the need for any repairs.


Induction furnaces emit relatively low pollutants when compared to traditional furnaces. This means your employees are protecting from inhaling harmful substances and noise.