How Induction Furnaces Help Copper Mining Industry

How Induction Furnaces Help Copper Mining Industry

The roots of induction heating go back to the 19th century. Michael Faraday discovered the basic principle involved in induction heating. Today induction heating is the most efficient method for melting metals and may help fix the demand and supply dilemma of the copper mining industry.

What Are Copper Melting Induction Furnaces? 

Copper has a considerable melting point compared to other elements. It isn’t easy to achieve and maintain the high temperatures of 1084°C or 1983.2°F necessary for mass production. 

Even if you can acquire and maintain this temperature, it will require considerable energy and resources, eventually reducing efficiency and net production. 

The solution to this problem is “Induction Furnaces.” Induction furnaces use the principle of induction heating. It is an efficient and contactless method of heating semiconductors and metal using a fluctuating magnetic field.  

The induction furnace consists of an induction heating coil in which we supply an alternating current (AC). As a result, an alternating magnetic field is generated from the coil. This is what happens to object in the field:

  • Eddy-current losses: Electric current from fluctuating magnetic field results in a joule heating effect in conductive materials. Eddy current is a common heart source in heat induction 
  • Hysteresis losses: This effect happens with magnetic materials iron, nickel, and cobalt (copper is not magnetic). When the material is continuously magnetizing, the friction between molecules increases, producing more heat 

How Can Mining Companies Benefit From Melting Induction Furnaces?

An induction melting furnace is currently the most effective metal melting, brazing, and surface hardening method. The mining and metal industries worldwide use this method for the following reasons.

  • Increased Efficiency 

Industries can increase their net yield with less burring loss and melting time. The induction furnace has a high voltage induction coil that produces frequencies from 50hertz/second to 10000hertz/second. As a result, the forge heats up quickly, providing higher thermal efficiency. 

  • Enhanced Metallurgical Function 

 We know that induction melting works on a high voltage primary induction coil to create electromagnetic current for metal heating. Charges are present in the furnace due to electromagnetism, inductor and molten metal repeal each other, leaving the molten metal at the center to rise. This phenomenon is commonly known as “electromagnetic stir.”

Moreover, there is a uniformity in the chemical composition of metal due to the electromagnetic stir of the molten metal. 

  • Reduced Operation Cost 

The traditional method of metal melting using outdated furnaces, flame heating, and ovens consumes tremendous energy and resources. Still, their net yield is lower compared to the induction furnace method. 

Energy and cost efficiency are the biggest advantages of induction furnaces. Moreover, the latest technology in induction furnaces reduces metallic loss because of the metal waste or leftover. 

  • Clean Operations 

Traditional furnaces and metal melting methods produce a vast amount of smoke, gas, and other impurities that are harmful to the environment. In contrast, induction furnaces have considerably less impact on the environment. 

You can have greater control over the emissions related to casting forges. Moreover, it reduces waste pollution and is less noisy than other machinery. 

  • Less Oxidation Losses 

Oxidization of metal is a core problem in furnaces. However, the low frequencies in induction coils reduce the burning rate of metals, minimizing the oxidation of molten metals. Moreover, induction technology does not use electrodes, due to which no carbon addition takes place by electrodes. 

How Can Electroheat Induction Pace Up The Copper Supply?

Copper mining can take years and millions of dollars to find, plan and extract copper. Moreover, many factors can slow down or halt the mining procedure. While experts and labor continue to put efforts into minimizing the extraction time. Metal industries should use the latest technologies and methods to purify the extracted copper to meet the global demand. 

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